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For Women

Pure Desire Group for Women

Freedom from Love Addiction and Sexually Unwanted Behaviors

This weekly group is a dedicated space and time to understand our unwanted sexual behavior. We hope to provide you with a shame- and guilt-free space to share your sexual story and connect with other women. Our prayer is that you would understand that you’re not alone, even in your darkest moments. Whether you come with the weight of immense guilt or with the emptiness of complete apathy towards your sexual behavior, our hope is that committing to this group would allow you to see the redemption and hope in your own story.

We will use Pure Desire’s, 8 Pillars ministry curriculum as our guide. We will begin meeting on March 25, 2019 on Sunday evenings at 6pm. Please contact Jen for the specific time and location or with any additional questions you may have.

Contact: Jen Rivera,